Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Just wanted to give my blog readers a heads up- I received a note yesterday from Zweigart with their new fabric colors but also a note that there will be a price increase in April- have not heard how much or if it is on everything but it is coming. I have loaded the new colors on the site and hope to add more later today. I will be sending out a newsletter probably tonight or tomorrow and let everyone know. I will be offering a prepayment sale over the next week on all Zweigart fabric (20% off yards and half yards and 10% off quarters and eight's) If there is a color/fabric you are in interested in that is not yet listed on the site let me know are karen@wasatchneedlecraft.com and I will get it added.

Also the SYHO and the New Little House Ornament are listed on the site and are being packed up today- be on the watch out for invoices if you are on the auto ship for these. I will also be doing an auto ship for the Blackbird Anniversary Series so let me know if you are interested in that.



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