Friday, March 5, 2010

Not much going on here today- been sitting at my computer since I got up this morning packing up envelopes to get out in the mail. I have a much better handle on things then I did 24hrs ago and after this weekend things should be even that much better.

My husband and I just found out that we are going to be the chairs for the Salt Lake FAAN (food allergy) walk this fall. It will be a big task but the cause if very worth while and of course one that is close to our hearts. We also learned that they are having a leadership conference in Las Vegas at the end of April that we need to go to as well. We have not decided if we will stay over an extra night or not- it is hard to leave small kids and a puppy for that long but we have not had anytime together in a long time so it would be nice to have an extra night to relax- we will see....have to decide this weekend.

Just a few notes about work- I still have one of the Little House/Impie Needle and Thread pieces available so if you want one get it now- I will no longer be carrying the Impie portion of this piece. Also for those have have gotten the Blackbird Honeysuckle Manor book there is a correction- On pages 13 and 15 change change Belle Soie Sandy Beach to Belle Soie Vanilla Pudding (DMC Ecru)

We have been enjoying a wonderful week of warmer weather and a little rain....this morning we woke up to snow- gotta love Utah winters ;) Hope the weather is starting to improve for everyone and that you all have a wonderful weekend!


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