Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hello everyone- I hope that the weather is better for all of you- today we woke to more snow :( I am really getting tired of this back and forth season thing. Anyway I am back from my conference (went to the National Food Allergy conference) and it was a nice to get a way for a few days but I have decided that Vegas is not really my thing- it has changed a lot since the last time I was there and I am in no hurry to go back.

Our next trip with be with the kids to San Diego- which I think will be great for all of us. It has been too long since we have gotten away as a family and just relaxed. So I am getting caught up here at work and getting things ready for a on-hand/clearance sale. I am loading the items now and will send out a newsletter as soon as that is complete.

Hope everyone has a great weekend coming to decide if we are going to use our tickets we have to the baseball game in snow??


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