Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just a quick note before I head to bed- I have loaded most of the new things from Nashville that came home with me. I will still be adding more items as I go along tomorrow and over the next few days. New items I added tonight were the new Blackbird Anniversaries of the Heart series (first 2) , two new ones from Sampler Cove and the first Kris's Stitches chart has been released as well. Hope everyone has a nice night!


p.s. I will add the other Blackbird items tomorrow.....my eyes won't focus anymore ;)


  1. Oh so many new goodies to drool over. :)

    Gotta go check the credit card balance.

  2. Karen,

    Thanks for showing us all of the new goodies - did you possibly get to see the Rhapsody in Red V piece (sewing casket). I see on another site, it was released, and am working on Part III, and am still debating doing V. Would love to know if you saw it!

    Codi Mitchell

  3. I did not see it and don't think it has been released...I have an email in to double check. Where did you see it?

  4. Stitches n' Things had it in their listing of new market releases. But its the mock up photos, not an actual stitched and finished piece. I know you were in heaven checking out all of the new goodies. I am so jealous.

    Thanks again,


  5. I spoke to Angie at European and she said that this has not been released and she does not have a date yet- she will see if there is one and let me know if she hears anything.

  6. Just heard back again from European and they talked to Diane and the Rhapsody in Red #5 is not finished yet and no release date scheduled.