Friday, February 26, 2010

There has been talk on one of the industry sites about what stitchers want to see from designers.....Any thoughts please post. What we you looking for (i.e. smalls, quakers, larger designers etc) and what are you tired of (i.e. smalls, quaker, larger designs) Any colors you like or not (muted verses brighter) Anything thoughts please feel free to post and I will forward on any thoughts- thanks!



  1. I am tired of seeing everything Emma. Especially small verses charted out - and that is it. Copying a verse from a writer is not my thing.
    I really like With Thy Neddle & Thread and Examplar Dames designs. I also like samplers and smalls so I can switch between large and small projects (unless it consists of verses only - taken from a Jane Austen book - BORING!).
    As for thread colors, I am a jewel tones kind of girl. It's the first set of colors I go for. But really, I like color and it doesn't matter what it is.
    As for threads (I know you didn't ask) I can not stand NPI silks. They are second - no - third grade silks, and one thing I know is silks as I have worked with all kinds of silks for 25 years. NPI is slubby and slubs do not belong in a needlework project. I would also bet that NPI's base silk is tussah, a wild silk, carded rather than reeled or combed, resulting in a lesser yarn. Great for weaving or knitting when you want to add texture or effect, but not appropriate for fine needlework. Can you tell I don't like NPI? I also do not like HDF silks, but they are better than NPI. Some of the HDF colors feel brittle, which in my experience has to do with the dyeing process (too many chemicals used perhaps - or too large an amount of a certain chemical?).
    AVAS, you bet! Gloriana, yep. Belle Soie, so soft. As long as the designer gives a DMC alternative to whatever silk they use, I can convert it to a silk I want to use if they don't use it.

  2. I wish more designers did the top quality kitting like Shepherd's Bush does. I love that their kits are linen and include everything you need but they aren't the cheap and yucky quality you find in some large kits. I buy mostly online and it is nice to have it all arrive in a kit and not to worry about a 2nd order to get everything you need to finish.

  3. I did think of one other thing, as I am sitting here working on Mary Wigham, and have now run out of 4 (or is it noew 5?) HDF colors and am only on the 4th part of the project. Please Please Please ask the designers to include the number of yards used for each color in stitching the design. There is no way I can re-order these silk colors and have the same dyelot. And I don't usually use more than what is originally given for the original yarn. Usually I have quite a bit of yarn left. This would make converting the original yarn to something else much easier.

  4. Thanks for comments- I will forward and keep them coming!!

  5. I wish that the designers would give the DMC conversions for the specialty threads. Not all can afford the specialty threads.

  6. I really like stitching old samplers that are found and reproduced am tired of Ackworth and similar Quakers have stitched 13 of them. Don't stitch smalls love firescreens that a sampler can fit into and love scissors old,gold,small...Donna