Saturday, February 13, 2010

OK- I have a some new things for you....

1) The new Rosewood and Mingiustitch pieces have been added to the site ( )

2) Blackbird has released photos of their new pieces but I do not have pricing yet- so you can email me at to place an order. You can see their new pieces at

3) Jeannette Douglas is releasing Mandala- A Large nine round Mandala piece with a special Friendship treat- continues use of the Biscornu stacker.

4)The next Acworth Sampler is being released from the Marking Sampler

5)There will be a fabric and thread kit for both the GPA and Mingiustitch 3 basket pieces- prices are not final but they will be approx $46-58

6)Little House Needlework and Impie, Hattie and Bea will have a new limited edition piece released at Nashville- no pricing yet. If this is like last year it will be very limited on how many I can get but I will get as many as possible.

There will be more additions but this is what I have for now- remember all orders can be combined. Thanks again-


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