Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sorry no pictures but I will post them as soon as I get home.

First up we have the much talked about new Little House and Impie, Hattie and Bea piece- very cute!! The phrase on the stitching reads "Needle and Thread, Needle and Thread, When Starlight Fades, I lay them to Bed. The stitched piece gets attached to the finished Impie piece and becomes the blanket, there is an attached pin cushion to form the pillow and you can store a pay of scissors under the blanket. These are limited and I only have a few left- so place your orders now if you don't want to miss out. Price is $38 and includes the chart, threads and finished "bed"

Also new at Hoffman was the new Nora Corbett Floss Fairy- this is a complete set at $70.

I visited the ladies at Blackbird (talk about a crowded room) They had their new Honeysuckle Manor book which includes a few samplers and some smalls as well. They also had a new house series called Anniversary of the Heart- one released from Jan-Sep (one each month first two available now) The last 3 will be released in a book next holiday season.

I was able to see a sneak preview of the new Cat's Whiskers piece-Retail Therapy which will be released in April and it is purse that turns into a tote bag- very clever!!

For you who love the With My Needles Mrs Waddelow it looks like she is going to get some friends and this is becoming a series.

Next up I went to Glendon Place and saw her new piece- Dance of the Tulips that will be coming out in March- very cute- pinks and greens- can't wait for this one!

I went into the Stitch a Gift room and saw their banners. Shown were several examples but I really liked the Little House Monthly Samplers that were put into their banners (each month with a coordinating fabric for that design) So easy and no finishing required.

OK I have to admit that I have sold some Courtney Collection charts on special order but did not really think twice about them- I saw the models today and all I can say is wow- the Gem show collection is great- really love the colors and they look great all together-would make a great wall. Also released was Black Work Show which is a great blackwork piece that can be stitched as one large piece or broken up into smaller pieces.

I am not sure if most of you know but Hardanger is my first and true love!!!! I went into the Satin Stitches suite and just had to drool over everything. It is my goal in life for all of my customers to learn hardanger (and from the Year Resolutions I know there are a lot of you that want to) I know you will fall in love and it is easier then it looks and the results can be breath taking!

One of the reasons I love to come to these shows is because I always find new designers (new to me anyway) I went into the room for Gita's Designs and fell in love with a couple of pieces I know without a doubt are going into my house. A lot of her things are petit point but they are all full stitches and can easily be done in cross stitch as well.

For those of you doing the SYHO series I saw the finished book and it is really done nicely. All of the finished pieces are attached to a cream fabric and then finished into a book....remember you get the free finishing directions and cover chart when you buy all 12 designs.

There are some designs where the chart cover does nothing really for the design- the Little House Once Upon a Time series is one of these. I saw the finished models and love them!! So soft- I can see these stitched up and hung in my daughters room!!

New series coming out for Country Cottage (with Crescent Colours floss) is Summer Seascapes (5 part series starting in March) and a new series for Raise the Roof (also with Crescent Colours) is Libertyville- a great coastal piece (4 parts starting in March)

Another designer I have not really carried before was Chessie & Me- I saw some great pieces there with 5 new releases ( Strawberry Banke, Sarah Talbot 1787, Chessies Fern w/linen and floss ((pin cushion and fob)) , Botanical Sewing Pocket and Rabbit Run Cushion Fob) I will try and get those added to the site soon.

La-D-Da patterns did not disappoint either- new releases there include Lazy Alphabet, ABCD, Your Gentleness and Sarah Lowell.

The one piece that made me laugh the most was from Raise the Rook- UFO - This is a limited piece and I only have a few available. The chart comes with a "coupon" that you are allowed to take one of your UFO's and turn it into a pin cushion. The chart also comes with a UFO pin to use on it.....very cute and what a way to use and keep that UFO you know you will never finish. everytime you use it you can think about what a great use that UFO became.

The big preview of the show was probably at the Just Nan booth- Released in April is the Twilight Pearls Leave Ball- kind of a cross between a ball, biscornu and 4 leaf clover...strange sounding I know but very cool!! These will be $32 and include the chart and all embellishments.

I am sure that there are a lot of things I am missing and will add the other new things to the site as fast as possible when I return. Again I am sorry about the lack of computer-my goal was to post every few hours but I spent all of that time trying to fix my other computer. I wish all of you could be here- it is so exciting to see all of the models- so much eye candy and I wish I had a million years to stitch everything I saw! Have a nice night and will talk to you soon.



  1. Sounds exhausting but so much fun! Thanks for the report.

  2. I am so sorry about your computer's demise, BTDT, and it isn't fun! Nashville sounds wonderful! Thanks, Karen, that was so much fun to read, as we are living the good life through you ;) I can see some more orders as I sat here drooling over it all....running to count my pennies..LOL :)


  3. Hi Karen, sounds as if things are going well and you are enjoying the show. Were you able to see the new horn book kit from Milady's Needle? Denise