Friday, February 19, 2010

Well I am back from Preview Night and if you take the crowd out of equation I saw some wonderful things. Keep in mind only a small number of designers take part in the Preview Night but below is a short list what I saw.... I don't have a lot of prices on these but if you are interested just shot me an email at and I will get more information for you.

1) Erica Michaels- OK I have never stitched on the gauze but looking at these makes me want to try. She has 4 new releases- Easter Bits, St Patricks Day Bits, Papillon and Time and Seasons. I will say that my favorite was the Papillon (butterfly)- the colors really stood out to me.

2) Fern Ridge had a cute new sewing set- Willow Bay which sits inside of a Victorian sewing basket (also for sale).

3) Keslyn's- I just love her things! Newly released is Welcome (similar to Zephyr which is another of her recent releases) Blooming Hearts which is a great purple piece with hearts and a flower in the center. I have two favorites- one would be Itty Bittys- which is a larger piece made up of 16 different little designs. The second would be Ribbon Babies that is a design made up of 4 squares and all of the stitching is done in silk ribbon- very cool looking and one I really want to try. Also released is Mojave, and Crimson.

4) With My Needle- You saw the new pieces on my site but I will say that I love the colors in the Quaker Sampling III!!

5)Praiseworthy Stitches- again these are up on the site but the one that surprised me was the Emiliana Sewing Case- the pictures were nothing like the real piece- the stitching on both sides is incredible and the the colors are so soft - I love the greens and pinks together! This is a must have for me-

6) Just Nan did not preview her show special but I was able to see the releases for the first part of March. Being released is Leave It Green- a garden based sampler stitched on Spring Garden Belfast . Tea With Honey is a pin cushion cube that has a card stock banding and includes the Tea Party Pin Set. They will also have Keep a Little Secret for all of you peacock lovers out there- the set includes a needle slide (with a stitched peacock on the inside). The next pin to be released is the Peacock Charm Garden Pin. More Just Nan items include her Needle Tweets (little birds that hold needles and pins), and Vintage Winders (vintage brass stampings for winders for your thread)

7) Courtney Collection- for all of you blackwork lovers out there we have a newly released blackwork sampler that can be stitched together or you can take the motifs and stitch separate.

8) If anyone of you like silk ribbon there were some cute needlebook (or bead stop) kits from Divine Threads.

9) Also very cute are the new releases from Woolen Thread Designs- it comes with the wool and templates that you attach to your finished sewing- there were a couple of seasonal pieces (Snow, Halloween etc).

10) Milady's Needle- As mentioned earlier she has released the My Little Bees Ruler Pocket and also the ABC Come Stitch with Me set- both very cool. I also really liked the new Quaker Pendants- each come with enough fabric and threads for 4 designs and one pendant (you can buy additional pendants) Stitched over one these would make great gifts (or you can keep them all to yourself) for any Quaker or jewelry lovers.

11) DebBee's Design is having a 1/2 sale on all of their kits (they are not longer going to be making kits) Not sure what they have since it is limited to what is on hand but if there is something you are looking for let me know and I can take a look.

12) Stitching Parlor has a great new Easter Egg piece- come with several smalls that all fit into this decorated Easter Egg.

13) From Periwinkle we have Redfield Sampler, and Frosty Spring .

14) Last but not least from Jeannette Douglas we have several samplers released and a couple of small biscornu sets.

Sorry don't have a lot of detailed information but with the crowds it was hard to get more then a sneek peek. If any of these sound of interest to you please let me know. Again pre-orders are being taken through tomorrow (Sat) as long as the items are still available.

One note on the Rose Quaker- there are a limited amount on hand at the show (I will get as many as I can) but know that there may be a delay in these.

I am not going off to get my game plan for tomorrow going and then off to bed. I will talk to you all tomorrow. Thanks again!


p.s. forgive me if some of this does not make a lot of sense....I need sleep ;)


  1. It all sounds so exciting, Karen! I feel like I'm right there with you!! I can't wait for pixs of this stuff!!

  2. Thanks for the update :)

    Have fun and happy shopping!